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Agadir City, Morocco


Agadir is unlike any other city in Morocco. Port city and lively seaside that stretches at the foot of his kasbah, it was completely rebuilt after a devastating earthquake in 1960. Destination popular with beach lovers, this city without concrete charm, with a checkered center surrounded by large suburbs residential, worth for its long animated promenade by the sea. South of the sparkling white marina, the sandy beach offers clean water and sunshine 300 days a year.

Agadir mainly attracts tourists staying organized and seduce less independent travelers, interested in Moroccan culture. Families will nevertheless spend a few pleasant days relaxing on the beach and exploring the few curiosities around.

The city, very extensive, stretches along the coast and inland. From the north end of the beach, near the marina and the port, three parallel arteries – the Boulevard du 20 Août, the closest to the ocean, Avenue Mohammed V and Boulevard Hassan II – pass through the main neighborhood. touristic.

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Regional capital of Souss, Agadir is a welcoming and clean city. Its hotels allow a pleasant stay with swimming pools, dance halls, discotheques, massages, and all tennis courts and football fields and bowling alleys. Its many restaurants offer a varied cuisine: Moroccan, European, African, Chinese …

Climate and sweetness of life!

The sweetness of life in Agadir is primarily due to a pleasant climate all year round. The average sunshine exceeds eight hours a day, with an average temperature above 20 ° C.

With its broad boulevards and its architecture of white buildings, its many modern hotels and cafes and restaurants European style, Agadir is an unusual city that combines traditional Morocco and the modern city, active and dynamic, resolutely turned towards the to come up.
Moroccan culture offers a real change of scenery … without the language barrier, since the majority of Gadiris are French-speaking. Moroccan TV and radio stations broadcast numerous French-language programs, and there are French, European and African newspapers and magazines in all major cities of the Kingdom.

Settling down in Agadir is even easier for non-Moroccans, as this does not imply any renouncing of the comfort of life in the European or the African. The geographic wealth of the region allows the practice of all sports: surfing and water sports on the Atlantic coast, skiing in the powder of the High Atlas, rafting at lower altitude, hiking in the mountains of the High Atlas and Anti-Atlas or in more desert lands. In addition, the presence of many communities from sub-Saharan countries offers a wealth unmatched by the offer of several shops and amenities and many socio-cultural events.

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