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Ourzazate Morocco


This town whose name means “without noise” in Tifinagh gathers innumerable kasbahs, Oasis and flourishing valleys. Ouarzazate is located at the confluence of the valleys of Draa and Dades. Ouarzazate is also considered the “Hollywood of Morocco”. It has several film studios including “Atlas Corporation Studio” and studio “Kanzaman” that can be visited outside of filming periods.

In southern Morocco, near the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Ouarzazate has established itself on a vast desert plateau, heralding the arid lands of the Sahara which point to the south. The city thus bears the revealing nickname of ” door of the desert ”.

A true enigma, Ouarzazate, destination worthy of a tale of the Thousand and One Nights has everything to intrigue us.


The surrounding landscapes have welcomed the filming of several films, their beauty serving as a natural setting; in places, the desert and its desiccated hills give way to an oasis, a ksar (fortified attic) or a small village. The ideal terrain for excursions to the region’s great valleys: the Draa and Dades valleys.

The architecture of Ouarzazate is famous for the number of kasbahs (fortresses) which the city is endowed with: the best known, the kasbah Taourirt, dating from the seventeenth century, always watch over the medina. The calm of the city always attracts more curious visitors and amateurs of wide open spaces.

The desert is nothingness! that’s another misconception that has no foundation. The desert is not only beautiful, it is so rich and so captivating. Never will you find a sky as bewitching as bathed in stars as that of the desert. Ouarzazate is the perfect destination to illustrate this.

We will begin with the famous and countless world-famous Kasbahs. From “Aït Benhaddou” with its mosque standing in the middle, next door there is a dance floor and a space for weddings and circumcisions, film locations also: Laurence of Arabia and The Gladiator. A “Amridil” with its four levels and very original architecture, the second floor is well worth the detour; the decoration is sumptuous. Passing through the “Kasbah Taourirt” symbol of Ouarzazate, four centuries old and “one of the first great Berber architectures”. Not to mention Amzrou next to Zagora and La Kasbah Tamnougalt with its beautiful interior decoration.

We will link with the beautiful palm groves. Not one or two but your four senses will be spoiled. From breathtaking scenery to breathtaking sights, smells of intoxicating essences, succulent fruits, colorful and strong in taste, the warmth of sand sliding between your fingers like a caress. From the beautiful oasis of Fint just 3km from Ouarzazate, to the palm grove of Skoura or the valley of Tinghir, the charm of this region will bewitch you.

Finally, do not miss the valleys. From Dades where a surprising landscape is offered to you, the valley of the kasbahs called Drâa Valley, the valley of Toudgha the most beautiful of the oases and the valley of Ziz the true door of the desert. Not to mention the impressive Gorges of Toudgha and Dades, they are imposing and silent, they will impress you.

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