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The Best Food In Marrakech, Morocco Must Try

In every city of Morocco, day and night, visitors can find all kinds of street food, from sandwiches and pastries to freshly squeezed juice and more unusual affairs. Marrakech is no exception. Here we explore its best street food.


Couscous (in Berber: seksu or keskesu1) is on the one hand a semolina of durum wheat prepared with olive oil (one of the traditional staple foods of the Maghreb countries) and on the other hand, a culinary specialty from Berber cuisine, based on couscous, vegetables, spices, olive oil, and meat or fish.

It is with tagine, one of the emblematic dishes of traditional Maghreb cuisine and, more broadly, Jewish cuisine from North Africa, African cuisine, and the Mediterranean diet, cooked according to multiple regional and local cultural variations. The oldest known traces of couscous are found in burials of the third century BC. J. – C., of the time of the Berber king Massinissa of Numidie (in the current north of Algeria) 2, one of the cradles of the culture of the wheat. Known in France since the sixteenth century, it was integrated into French cuisine in the early twentieth century, via the French colonial empire and the Pieds-noirs of Algeria, and is to date the third favorite salty dish of the French3.

The Tajine!

Tagine is traditionally a family-friendly dish. The assembly is arranged, sitting on small benches, around the dish, placed on a low table. The lid is removed and everyone draws directly into the dish with three fingers: the index finger and the middle finger hold a piece of a loaf of bread made available for each of the guests, the thumb brings the food on the bread before wearing all in the mouth. Fingers should not touch the rest of the dish. If a distinguished guest is present, the master will traditionally turn the dish ostensibly, to present the best pieces to him.


This traditional Moroccan soup can be found all year round, but is particularly popular during Ramadan and is often one of the first things eaten to break the fast. This flavorsome golden colored soup is rich with tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, and some noodles, and sometimes even contains meat. You can find this being served in little cups or bowls on the street. It is a popular option sure to please even the fussiest eaters.

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